Eve confirmed for Stockholm

A couple weeks back, we mentioned that Eve would be playing at the Stockholm International Film Festival. Their site has finally been updated with the full lineup, so you can now find out exactly when its playing as well as purchase tickets.

I don’t believe that Natalie will be traveling with the film but I’ll try and confirm that.

World-renowned actress Natalie Portman’s directing debut is a sharp, modern comedy. Scripted by Portman, and inspired by her own grandmother, the film pays homage to the warm and witty tradition of Woody Allen. Superb leading actors Lauren Bacall and Ben Gazzara convey this condensed mini-drama, set in the director’s hometown New York City.

Kate’s granny has a surprise for her, as their tête-à-tête dinner turns out to be a romantic date for the old lady and a man named Joe. An astonished granddaughter suddenly finds herself in the role of a chaperon. But after all, age is just a number, right?