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By November 6, 2008Site-news

After much blood (paper cuts), sweat (I live in Africa) and tears (Whale Rider was on) I can finally give you guys chapter 2 of our Mathilda comic.

Personally, I’m a lot more satisfied with this chapter. It’s a lot less visually rigid (mind out of the gutter please) as chapter 1 and, for me at least, a definite improvement. Still very much a learning process but I’m definitely happy and proud.

Here’s hoping you guys feel the same way. Please remember that this comic is for adults. I will take no responsibility for the warping children’s minds. You’ve been warned, Clone.

Check out the pages after the click.


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A big thanks to the artist, Christophe, our benefactors Charlie and Nick, and Rachel for helping with the font.

The funding goes entirely to the artist so, if you have some spare cash, donations would be as welcome as an ice cream on a sunny day.


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  • ked says:

    Wow that was great. Especially the sex.

  • clone says:

    this is only a comic, not the real I read comics alot and see this in some.

  • ked says:

    Oh I wish I could Digg it Digg it Digg it hard.

  • a3stars says:

    Well, that was steamy and well worth waiting for! lol
    I love how this one was drawn, so much more detail could be seen just like the sketches.
    Christophe did an awesome job, and the story is getting really good.
    I can’t wait for the next chapter, because I can tell it is set up to have a lot more action.

  • omgzrachel says:


  • quick_wit says:


  • sak says:

    Well done!

  • thrallemall says:


    E-space-ially with the surround sound – here.

    Good weekend.

  • Christophe says:

    Hi everybody,
    I’m Christophe, I draw Mathilda Comics.
    I’m happy to see you seems to like the work we did with Daz’ (Thanks for the Font, Rach πŸ˜‰ ).
    Thanks for your comments.

    Hope we can continue this adventure, it’s cool to work on such a project, and it’s nice to work with Daz’.

    Cheers πŸ™‚