Fans meet Natalie

Over on MeetTheFamous there are two entries about Natalie. Each has a little write up plus an image.

First is JGriff’s entry on Natalie’s recent Cincinnati visit.

Natalie Portman was spotted in Ohio to support the presidential candidate, Barack Obama.

On a normal occasion Natalie is very stand offish to fans and photographers. Natalie was surprisingly on time to the event, however she only spoke for about 5 minutes. After she finished her speech I was able to get to the backstage area, and get a photo with Natalie.

She was escorted to the event by security and her grandmother. Also in attendance was Natalies dog.

The next report is from BrowMatt and is from a few years back when she was at a screening for Garden State.

This is a photo with me and Natalie Portman in the summer at Rockefeller Center. It was at a screening for the film she was in and she didn’t really want to take the photo, but I begged her to do it. After that she hid behind her body guard the whole night and refused to take any pictures or sign any autographs. I guess I was lucky.