Frown upside down

By November 14, 2008Nat-news

Some have commented that Natalie looks a little overly serious or even outright pissed off on the set of her new film. I’m not sure I agree that there’s much to that but if you’re wanting some cute and fun set photos, these 3 new pictures fit the bill. Simply adorable.


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  • ked says:

    leather boots, lobster bisque! Natalie’s turning WASP.

  • Jenski says:

    I love how in the last two pictures it looks like the woman is using her daughter’s ponytail as a leash. That’s pretty much how I feel about children as well.

    Natalie is always adorable and I want that little dog.

  • clone says:

    Her first image reminds me of young einstein movie made back in the 80’s. also it’s good she’s not in LA, cause on they report that most celebs are leaving LA cause of a big bush fire.

  • Agie says:

    Yeah “Simply adorable”.
    I love those 3 pics. She’s so beautiful out here 🙂