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By November 15, 2008Nat-news

Just 3 smaller items that perhaps don’t warrant their own updates.

Teen Vogue are “watching” Natalie’s look for the Glamour event.

Seattlepi have put together a slideshow featuring 100 of Natalie’s red carpet looks. Impressive.

And finally, when asked about kissing Sean Penn in the upcoming film, Milk, James Franco (Spiderman) said:

“I would have been nervous if I had to kiss Natalie Portman in front of everyone or something.”


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  • nataport says:

    Hmmm. That confirms my theory that James Franco is secretly planning to seduce our Nat. See, he’s started doing roles that will impress her and even started attending grad school in Columbia.
    His logic may go, Thinking actor+young (Nat seems unimpressed by older guys)+not too bad looking = good prospect for a date.

  • kjac720 says:

    Lol. Does that mean he has a crush on her?

  • Agie says:

    Well who wouldn’t be nervous about kissing Her?
    I think I would be more scared than happy, but If I would be a man ;). As a woman I don’t think of such things about Her