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By November 17, 2008Site-news

Ouch. Panda/raccoon eyes takes another easy win. The ESILY premiere pics might have been great from the neck up but faces on a dress is just bizarre.

That’s 4 ass kickings in a row and I think match up 5 should continue the streak.

Match Up 5


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  • menoichius says:

    match up 5 is a bit tricky… with 9 years between the two sets, it’s a bit hard to compare.

  • omgzrachel says:

    Yeah, I get the feeling a lot of people are just voting for the newer pics (even if what she’s wearing looks completely ridic, etc.). I thought it was supposed to be votes for overall best appearance. :\

  • dazza says:

    I dunno…I mean, personally, I haven’t been unhappy with any of the winners so far. I thought a few should have been closer in terms of votes but thus far, for me at least, the newer looks have just been better. There are plenty of older looks that I love and will be voting for, and plenty newer ones that I dislike, but they just haven’t come up yet.

  • papercup_mixmaster says:

    I’ve also wondered about the 9-10 years that seem to be between each match-up. It’s true that many of her older looks are classic and wonderful. It’s hard to pit just the looks, though, when you’re inevitably comparing the girl Natalie and the woman Natalie.

  • dazza says:

    Just to re-iterate, every single match up was randomly produced. In fact, even though I drew the numbers out of a hat, I haven’t even looked at the match ups myself. So I can’t even say whether we’ll be getting less old vs new match ups in the future.

  • omgzrachel says:

    I think this one and the first one were the first unanimous votes that I haven’t been wtfing over. I mean, Winona on crack? You guys, seriously. I still can’t get over that mess.

  • balletgal says:

    WHAT?! The ESILY dress was so pretty and classy! The black one looks so cheap and 80’s reminiscent. I love Natalie’s old style. Her new style is not so great. Like, I don’t look at a dress of hers and say, “oh, I would wear that.” But, whatever she likes is up to her.

  • dazza says:

    Well that’s opinions for you. As I was going through all the galleries to pick out what should be in the battle, I was surprised by how many old looks that I liked at the time had not aged well at all.

    If you think the ESILY dress was classy, fair enough, but I just can’t see that at all. I mean, there are creepy horror movie faces on her boobs and crotch!