I Doubt this story

Gossip Sauce has a funny little story that Natalie was offered the Amy Adams role in Doubt (one of the big hitters for this award season) but turned it down because…well, grab your salt shakers and read on…

At the junket of his new film Doubt, starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams, we asked writer-director Shanley how Adams had been cast when originally there was another actor offered the role of the emotionally conflicted nun.

“I’m trying to think of what the etiquette is on this,” Shanley chuckled, blushing a bit.

“Hit us with it,” we said.

“Well, we asked Natalie Portman, and Natalie was very interested but kept saying she had a problem. And we finally nailed down as to what the problem was. She basically said she didn’t understand celibacy,” he revealed, erupting in laughter.

I was hoping to get some kind of confirmation or explanation but, alas, nothing so far.