Mathilda pencil sketches

By November 29, 2008Site-news

During the process of putting together chapter 2 of Mathilda, there was a moment where I was liking the early pencil sketch pages so much that I was considering dropping the inking altogether. In the end common sense prevailed but I really do love the sketched pages and want to share them with you guys. They are from what you would call an earlier draft of the script, so quite a bit was changed (mostly dialogue) for the final version.

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  • Lanie says:

    The sketches are awesome. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  • a3stars says:

    Love the sketches, so much detail.
    I like most how Natalie’s eyes are done in dark ink,
    to make them stand out even more.
    Thanks for posting these, they were great to look over. 🙂

  • Christophe says:

    Hi everybody,
    Happy to see you like the sketches.
    I think it’s good to show the differents steps of a project, it gives an idea of this kind of work.
    It’s nice to work with Daz’, hope we’ll do an amazing chapter 3 😉