Below we have the first image from the fake perfume ad, starring Natalie and Michelle Williams.

If you can speak Italian you can read the original article over here. If not, click on for the (rough) translation.

The director Oscar winner Roman Polanski behind the camera taken to turn the spot a fake perfume that does not exist. E ‘last-provocative work of Francesco Vezzoli, Italian contemporary artist. The shows’ Panorama First ‘, directed by Emanuele monthly Farneti, with a photo exclusive world.

The new work of visual Vezzoli is called ‘Greed’ (greed) and involves not only the director, the actresses Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams. The short, lasting just over a minute, advertises a perfume designed by the same Vezzoli, ‘Greed’ I said, that in reality will never be sold and whose bottle is inspired by a work by Marcel Duchamp.

The work will be presented Feb. 6 at the Gagosian Gallery in Rome and inaugurated as the traditional launch of a perfume, while in September the installation will move to the Moderna Museet in Stockholm.