Baby, you’re so different looking

Got a couple tidbits that don’t really warrant their own updates.

Starting off with some comments on Natalie’s look when she flew back to LA from NY.

As a staunch vegan, Natalie Portman has strict rules when it comes to her wardrobe – she has vowed to never wear leather and has even gone as far a designing her own ethical clothing line. That doesn’t mean you’ll find her stepping out in hemp or tie-dye though… No, even her travel outfit for jetting between NYC and LA – a Nordic knit – is on trend. Of course, her canine pal earns her further cute points.

And Harry Cole of Mcfly Mcfame, has a bit of a crush on Natalie.

He explained: “I like Cheryl Cole, and I really fancy Natalie Portman – she is just so different looking and hot!”