Resolution poll and 2008 poll results

We’re still looking for two more photoshop junkies for the 2009 calendar (as talked about here). Thus far Rachel, Kate, Noisz and Carlotto are signed on. If you’re interested, send me an email.

Relating to that, I want to know what desktop resolutions are most common so that we can deliver the calendar in the two or three most popular sizes.

Let us know in the new poll.

After the click we have the results of the previous poll.

Working off Rachel’s list of 2008 highlights, what was your personal favourite?

Jury member at Cannes 25.92% (106 votes)

Directing her first film, Eve 22.49% (92 votes)

The Other Boleyn Girl 18.83% (77 votes)

None of those/Something else 7.82% (32 votes)

Dating Devendra Banhart 6.11% (25 votes)

Venice Film Festival appearance 4.65% (19 votes)

Carmensita music video appearance 3.91% (16 votes)

Guest judge on Project Runway 3.67% (15 votes)

Filming 17 Photos of Isabel 3.42% (14 votes)

Te Casan vegan shoe line 2.69% (11 votes)