More project rumors

Two more film projects could possibly be in the works for Natalie: Adaptions of the novel Which Brings Me to You and the short story The Smoker (Natalie was allegedly going to star in this years ago but nothing ever panned out).

Natalie Portman will star in the feature adaptation of Which Brings Me to You, based on the book by Steve Almond and Julianna Baggott. Story revolves around two romantic burnouts who meet at a wedding.

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More about one of the authors:

She co-wrote Which Brings Me to You with Steve Almond, A Best Book of 2006 (Kirkus Reveiws) optioned by Richard Brown with Natalie Portman attached to star.

Juliana Baggott

Some info on the The Smoker:

I Spy director Betty Thomas will direct The Smoker, which has been developed as a potential starring vehicle for Natalie Portman.

The Paramount project is about an English teacher at a prestigious all-girls school who is invited to dinner at the home of one of his students. A beautiful senior in his class has decided that he would be the perfect husband for her — not because she’s in love with him but because she thinks they would be a good match. The idea is supported by her eccentric parents, who encourage them to get married.

It is based on a short story by David Schickler, who was teaching at a private school in Rochester, N.Y., when the story, which proved to be his breakthrough, was published in the New Yorker as part of its 2000 summer fiction issue.

I’d take the last one with a big grain of salt as it’s been sitting on the back burner for five years and it would be a bit of a stretch to see Natalie in the role of a teenager.