Another Day, Another LaneGate Update

By March 28, 2011Nat-news

The discussion and debate intensifies around the web and if you haven’t weighed in yet, yesterday’s update has a pretty epic comment section already.

The links today are a bit more positive, from Natalie and Black Swan’s perspective at least. I guess this is like a tidbits update with purpose.

– Let’s kick off with Cinemabland, who point out one of the more obvious flaws in Lanes complaints – that Natalie was very clear about what she wasn’t able to do and even praised Lane for filling in where necessary.

Sarah Lane would have every right to be pissed off if Portman and company were claiming no body double was used, but the reality has been the exact opposite. I can’t tell you how many interviews I’ve read in which the new Academy Award winner has admitted she couldn’t master the most difficult moves and needed Sarah Lane to make those work. The whole point of training rigorously at a craft in preparation for a film is to make the audience believe you are who you’re playing. Numerous examples of this can be found in sports movies. Let’s take Slap Shot for example. I’m well aware Paul Newman wasn’t good enough to be a minor league hockey player, but because he has a fluidity to his skating, holds the stick correctly and seems entirely competent on the ice, viewers are able to buy him in that role. The same principal applies to Tin Cup. Kevin Costner is not a professional golfer, but it doesn’t matter. He worked on the arc and motion of his swing enough so that the shots of him playing seem realistic enough.

– Next is Devin Faraci’s article, which claims that Tom Cruise doesn’t do all his own stunts. HOW CAN THAT BEEEEEEEE?

Yeah, everybody talks about the work that the actors do in preparation. Portman studied dance for months. But that was just to allow her to give the illusion of dancing, not to actually get on stage and perform in a ballet. Movies are a collaborational artform where most of the artists are invisible. It’s the nature of the beast.

Livinsanity asks a pertinent question.

If Sarah Lane were in charge of the movie industry, there would be no movie industry, because, in her eyes, suspension of disbelief woulld not be allowed, trick camera work would not be allowed, stunt doubles would not be allowed and body doubles would not be allowed. Of course, if that were the case, Sarah Lane would have been out of job on the film “Black Swan.” In reality, it is not the case, so I merely have one question for Sarah Lane, “Why did you sign on to be a body double in the first place?”

– And lastly, Sasha Stone points out some more obvious things that were seemingly ignored by the initial wave of media coverage.

The film is mostly about closeups on her face, her shoulders — they freeze frame on a pose — she occasionally has to do a turn or something. But to me, it was obvious when it was her and when it was the double.


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  • marine says:

    i am french and i don’t understand what they say, so sarah lane are right or wrong?

  • dazza says:

    Maybe Carlotto can summarize 😛

  • omgzrachel says:

    It depends on what you mean. She’s right and wrong.

    Personally, I think Sarah Lane is right to be angry with the production company for not appropriately crediting her work and generally being shady (though she definitely should have hired a manager and sought advice on her contract with them before signing onto the project). However, I think she’s wrong in the way she is going about this issue in the press. Making slanderous statements in the press towards Natalie, heaping all of the blame on her, and generally being unprofessional and childish… I can’t really stand by that.

  • narkel says:

    It’s sad to see this case have been fueled by the same media who stalk the artists and critize them for every move they do. All of them with shocking headlines to sell more: “Natalie claims she did all the dance!”, “Sarah slams Natalie!”…

    So, with this articles posted today finally we can see some common sense. I think we all here can be mature enough to know Sarah deserves recognition for being Natalie’s body double and that’s it. After all, and no matter how much Sarah claimed the opposite, Natalie never say she was a dancer and that she did all by herself.

  • lee says:

    When in hollywood do as the hollywood do.
    haha. Do you really know?
    Both Sarah Lane and Natalie portman are not wrong.
    The Problem is idiot Benjamin Millepied. His mean words rubbed Sarah Lane fur the wrong way. Benjamin Millepied must sincerely apologize to Sarah Lane. We all know that Both Sarah Lane and Natalie portman will be deeply wounded by that.
    keep smiling Natalie portman. along with SUPERMAN.
    I am Japanese.

  • dazza says:

    That’s an aspect that has been repeated so often it’s become “internet truth”, but Benjamin’s comment was in RESPONSE to Sarah’s comments in that first Dance Magazine. Not the other way around.

    Rach, if Sarah had gotten a manager and sat down to nail out all the terms of her contract, I think it’s very likely that, if Sarah demanded to do interviews and x amount of coverage, they would have just said “uh, next?”

    I don’t know the ballet world but I’m pretty sure there are plenty of girls would could have slipped into Lane’s slippers and been happy to be paid, work with talented people and receive the normal credit for such a role.

  • lee says:

    I read Dance Magazine(December).
    Who care?

    Dazza, you know. Go ahead and tell the story! Who is Benjamin Millepied. haha.

    Yes. I have been natalie’fan since The Professional-Leon.

    At his LA TIMES interview I felt indignation swell up in my heart. His derisive way of talking gets on my nerve.

    I like a SUPERMAN. haha.

  • omgzrachel says:

    Benjamin Millepied doesn’t need to apologize. He was responding to Sarah’s accusations directly. Ben was one of Natalie’s trainers and worked with her in the studio as her choreographer and costar, after all. I think he deserves to have a little say in the matter.

  • PatrynXX says:

    So someone explain that Harrison Ford doesn’t do all his own stunts in Indiana Jones 😛 today’s dvd and blu releases make this kind of silly… wonder what the dvd /or blu ray will look like on this