Mini updates ahoy!

– A posting to tacky tourist photos, includes this bizarre mention describing the author.

Laura Molta, who once ran into Natalie Portman in the Costa Rican rainforest, is a prolific TV producer and documentary filmmaker.

– There were rumours of a Breakfast At TIffany’s play, with Natalie linked to play Holly, in the late 90’s? Can’t say I remember that.

– A blogger related a funny little story in a posting about his love for Paris.

I remember being shocked by the extent of the Star Wars fan base in France. That was until the scene when Natalie Portman acts after falling out of a plane and the stadium sized crowd cried in laughter. I wasn’t sure if these scene got any laughs in the U.S. but after that, these Frenchies felt like my people!

That fall was pretty ridiculous.