Knight of Cup Reviews

The reviews have started to land for Knight of Cups and while there were some wildly praise worthy tweets initially…

Mikko Pihkoluoma ‏@MikkoPihkoluoma 50 sför 51 sekunder sedan Visa översättning
Knight of Cups. If there was a movie about LA I wanted to see this was pretty much it. Surprised by how much I loved it. Very Tree of Life.

Gabriele Capolino ‏@gabrielecapo 2 minför 2 minuter sedan Visa översättning
Knight of Cups: sort of a definitive L.A. movie, ‘plotless’, works straight on emotions. We are fragments. Love/hate it, I love #Berlinale

Karsten Meinich ‏@KarstenM 1 minför 1 minut sedan Visa översättning
Terrence Malick goes completely into a Godardian essayism with KNIGHT OF CUPS – an emotional and terrifying world of phantoms and imagery.

Dana Knight ‏@DanaisKnight 2 minför 2 minuter sedan Berlin, Deutschland Visa översättning
#KnightOfCups a wonderfully cinematic deeply philosophical deeply moving film-poem

…but the reviews that have landed are, while more positive than not, aren’t as over the top with praise. It sounds like it’s typical Malick fare, which is potentially great if you love his work but not likely to win over many new fans. It also sounds like Natalie’s role, and really all the roles beyond Bale, is a lot smaller than we had hoped.

The Telegraph – 3 stars “a director running on empty”
The Playlist – B “In moments like these it feels like Malick is doing something new, in amongst so much that is very familiar.”
THR – “The upshot is a certain tedium and repetitiveness along with the rhythmic niceties and imaginative riffs.”
Variety – “there’s no denying this star-studded, never-a-dull-moment cinematic oddity represents another flawed but fascinating reframing of man’s place in the modern world”

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