Berlin International Film Festival

Malick Updates

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  Even though Knight of Cups is complete and has been screened at Berlinale, the producers are now aiming for an early 2016 release. I assume the mixed reviews cooled…

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One Big Return

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  The great Terrence Malick Facebook fan group, One Big Soul, disappeared recently. This was a real shame because they provide great insight and access - being the first (if…

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Berlinale Videos

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  All quiet on the Natalie front again but Belerofonte found a couple new videos from Natalie's Berlinale appearance. The first video starts with questions on the red carpet and…

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New Poll + KoC Results

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  I've seen some variable opinions on Natalie's red carpet appearance. In an effort to make it a close poll, I'm going to stick to two options and the "negative"…

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  Busyyyy day so just wanted to get out a couple mini news items for you guys to chew on. - First up, here is the entire press release from…

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New Poll + Red Carpet Results

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  With the mixed reviews for Knight of Cups combined with the news that Natalie is probably only in the film for 10 minutes (although it sounds like her time…

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Berlinale Interview

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  Now that news is finally cooling down I can bring your attention to this Natalie interview from Berlinale. There aren't any earth shattering revelations, but I really enjoyed all…

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Portrait Preview

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  Kitten and Amariko1 made a great find - a preview of a portrait shot at Berlinale for The Hollywood Reporter.

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