Busyyyy day so just wanted to get out a couple mini news items for you guys to chew on.

– First up, here is the entire press release from the company that has landed the US rights to Knight of Cups and Project V/Untitled. The good news is that Natalie is definitely in the second film as well and receives 4th billing, after Gosling, Mara, and Fassbender.

– Then let me finally post about the Madame Figaro interview, which came out a couple weeks ago. You’ll have to right click and translate to English, but it will be worth it because there are a few nice quotes in there. I particularly liked Natalie’s response to whether she feels more like a “miss” or a “mrs”.

I prefer the US middle Ms. (pronounced miz, Ed ), more neutral, which is attributed to a woman regardless of marital status. I do not believe that to marry someone, to have a family or reaching a particular age you really change, overnight. Immaturity does not fly at once! This was made ​​for me over new roles, new responsibilities, new interests. I feel like I am constantly in the heart of a cycle. An evolution of every minute of every day, almost every mood! But often you realize the change in how others perceive you.