KoC Reviews

We’ve got a couple more Knight of Cups reviews for you today. Despite several strongly positive reactions on Twitter, it hasn’t really translated into many raves from the critics. The reviews below don’t change that unfortunately.

Anne Thompson found some aspects to admire but was lukewarm at best.

Like “Tree of Life,” it’s best to let the film wash over you and enjoy Lubezki’s gorgeous images such as mist rolling over a hillside and various inventive underwater perspectives. But a lot of them are shallow views of a banal life, and offer a male gaze on the female form in many lovely guises. Not a new narrative, this.

Indiewire liked it a lot more, giving the film a B rating, but there were still a lot of shots fired.

Eventually, “Knight of Cups” finds some respite for the beleaguered Rick when he meets a more supportive woman (Natalie Portman) who ultimately provides him with the salvation he seeks. However, their courtship hardly registers as more than an ethereal snapshot of burgeoning romance. Despite the uplifting atmosphere surrounding the movie’s final act, “Knight of Cups” foregrounds Malick’s fetishistic obsession with small moments at the expense of lasting emotion.