Berlinale Interview

Now that news is finally cooling down I can bring your attention to this Natalie interview from Berlinale. There aren’t any earth shattering revelations, but I really enjoyed all of the answers. The topics cover working with Malick a lot, how they first met a decade ago, his influence on shooting Natalie’s own A Tale of Love and Darkness, and what success and failure means to her.

But below I’m quoting the passage about her time off from acting, because it has a seemingly happy ending for us fans.

“When you have a kid and you’re an actor you are kind of forced into a long break. I was showing from day one. There was no way I was able to work when I was pregnant. You’re basically off for a year and I chose to take more time off to be with my family. It ended up being two years that I didn’t act. It was obviously a magical time in my life. But it also was good because it gave me a hunger to come back and an excitement. Renewed energy for why I want to make things and how I want to make things.”