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By March 1, 2011Nat-news

Let’s start with the red carpet interview that I saw on my Oscar feed.

TV Guide’s Chris Harrison also managed to grab a few final words with Natalie on the red carpet.

Here is, I think, the entire Q&A from the press room. It includes Natalie shooting down a baby name suggestion, what her baby was doing during the musical portion of the show, and her spoileriffic interpretation of the ending of Black Swan.

And finally, Natalie interviewed after the Oscars, talking about looking forward to eating macaroni and cheese and taking it easy.


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  • franciaf says:

    did they cut the part where someone asked her about Dior’s incident ?,, Anyways i think she’s such a role model and when she said that beeing a mom is the most important role of her life!WOW! ,so glad to here that!, because, why having a baby if shes not gonna pay him atention!! seriously shes is the BEST!

  • jesslv74 says:

    I agree…having a baby is important above all else no matter what your profession. Natalie will have all of these awards and wonderful performances to look back on, but a baby is an extension of yourself that is part of your future, not your past.

    A little off-topic. I saw a red carpet into view that Mila did with Tim Gunn and her answer was quite interesting. He asked her, You were never a ballet dancer prior to the film, is that correct?

    Mila: Yeah, I learned very quickly. I learned how to fake it very quickly.

    That totally goes against all of the ways we heard she got the part…Natalie telling Aronofsky that she had a friend who was a dancer and thought would be perfect for the part. So…huh?

  • omgzrachel says:

    I’ve never heard about Mila previously being a dancer. Just that she was recommended for the part by Natalie because they were friends.

  • natasc says:

    I dind’t heard Mila was a dancer, but I do heard that she knew a little about ballet…
    I still believe that the important thing about Mila for Black Swan is how she looks like Natalie in some ways….which make easier the whole Natalie/Mila camera thing.
    I certainly can’t think someone better for the part…. it was a perfect for me as a “watcher”.

  • jesslv74 says:

    Ah. Must have been a rumor or I misread…I saw this…”While Portman was long slated for the movie, Kunis was brought in only months before production began. Portman, who knew that Kunis had dance experience, recommended her friend to Aronofsky. He had seen Kunis in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” and the two met via iChat. A few online video conversations later, he had hired her.”

  • jesslv74 says:

    Oops…hit comment too soon…so “dance” doesn’t necessarily have to mean ballet.

  • dazza says:

    Nope, Natalie definitely said recently that Mila had “dance” experience.