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By October 14, 2011Nat-news

Amo found a really fun blog piece about an encounter with Natalie, back in October last year. This blogger came face to face with a pregnant Natalie in the restroom of the Metropolitan Opera House. The full write up is here and below is an excerpt:

My mind was racing. Should I say something? A hello? Make a comment? Introduce myself as a member of the Trust? Say something pedestrian like, “I love your work,” or, “Congratulations on your Oscar?” Or how about, “Good luck with the baby?” Instead I just stood there and looked at her. Then she looked at me, and I looked at her again. She glanced at me once more, because I looked twice. And I didn’t say anything. Not a word.

Restroom or no restroom, I bet I’d do exactly the same thing in that situation.


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  • Joe Schmo says:

    Loved that bit after the third glare where Natalie smashed the blogger’s head against the hand dryer yelling “It’s my turn!”

    Hmm.. or did I see something like that in a movie.

    Joe “Pregnant women in public bathrooms – step the *^@$ back” Schmo.

  • natalievic says:

    How funny!! hahaha,
    I would cry a lot if I would be that girl.

  • jen.evar says:

    I wouldn’t have anything to say either. I would probably just stand there and stare and then feel like crap afterwards for acting like an idiot haha.

  • PatrynXX says:

    can’t say if I would or wouldn’t. I’m an outgoing guy. I’d have to ask to shake her hand. Forget autographs. 😛

  • achtung_natalie says:

    ”do you need a hand?”

  • amo says:

    Got to say if I met Natalie I would be inclined to give her a stern talking to about how amateurish the @makingof twitter is. They regularly link to fake celeb accounts. How would she like it if eg HuffPo was endorsing someone impersonating her online?