Mega Tidbits

Was the weekend fun or what? I can’t even remember the last time we had so much great Natalie news in the space of a week. There is still a lot of extra news to cover so here are a selection of news items that slipped through the cracks.

– The fantastic news, if true, was via a poster on the Awards Watch forums who was working at Berlinale and discovered that Natalie had a third reason to attend the festival – A Tale of Love and Darkness.

Also tidbits I’ve heard from working here… People Im working with seem very excited about A Tale of Love and Darkness. Think it’s a very beautiful film and that Natalie shows she is a real filmmaker to be reckoned with. Expect this at Cannes.

I saw the promo video btw – I wasn’t incredibly impressed by it (a little schmaltzy tbh) but it all looks very beautiful – I definitely have a sense of some Malick in there – and Natalie looks luminous.

– If you didn’t get a chance to watch the live stream of the press conference and weren’t able to follow my live tweets you’ll definitely want to view the highlights below. As a bonus, you’ll also want to see the cringe worthy moment where one journalist directs a question to the director and of course Terrence Malick, being somewhat of a reclusive, is not there.

– The Playlist has a thorough list of all the music used in the film, including streaming links on the second page.

– Finally, Knight of Cups has been picked up for distribution along with the OTHER Terrence Malick/Natalie film Project V/Untitled.