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Easy, Breezy, Beautiful PORTMANIA

We’re BACK for another day of Free-wheeling fun with PORTMANIA 23 DAY 3!

It only gets worse from here!!

WHAT can we do today? Well I made a PORTMANIA Puzzle!

but i don’t know how to upload it here so you can actually solve it. I guess i could do the puzzle myself… I don’t know how that’s fun for you. But WE CAN GIVE IT A SHOT!

Meanwhile, New Technology at the Natalie Portman Institute of Dot Commery!

I showed a Bot 1000 hours of PORTMANIA and told it to make memes. Now I can finish the puzzle with ease!

This is what it came up with!!

Those are words humans use!

Moving on…

Yesterday, the PORTMANIA picture asked if Natalie was wearing shoes on her hands…

SHE WASN’T! Photographic evidence commencing…..

As you can see, they were actually fluffy, puffy sleeves of some kind. As you can also see, Natalie forgot to wear pants that day. It happens to the best of us.

I forgot to wear pants to the store once and they said they didn’t want me to come back. I actually was wearing shoes on my hands, too. But that was another story I can’t really get into right now.

Let’s see how that Bot is coming with those memes…


Here’s how I’m coming on that puzzle….

50%?! I can’t tell if that’s impressive or not. But I can tell you’re having fun pretending to watch me!

TOMORROW! More memes! More progress on the puzzle! And the Birthday! It’s all coming together!