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IT’S TODAY, EVERYBODY! 6981! Natalie Portman turns 40. and she does it with STYLE!

Let’s start off this wonderful Birthday PORTMANIA Day 4 with a jolt!

Nice work NAT BOT! Now let’s see my progress on the PORTMANIA Puzzle!

It’s coming along! 75% is pretty good for a human!

Here’s Natalie’s Birthday personolgy! this is scientific, it’s not made up.

That sounds about right. I don’t know why that little cartoon is a witch sitting on a jack-o-latern. But to each their own.

As much of you know, it’s not just Natalie’s Birthday; It’s also DONALD DUCK’s.

He is 87 Years Old Today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DONALD!

I thought there was a picture of Natalie with Donald Duck but the closest I could find was this one of her with Minnie Mouse.


It’s also her mom’s, Her husband’s her kids, her dog’s, her mailman’s and three of her neighbor’s birthday today! Happy Birthday EVERYONE!

The Nat Bot is tired of making meme’s so I’m going to make the last one. THE HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY ONE!

Stupid Auto-correct!


and we finished the PUZZLE!

So THAT’S what it was! only took us 2 and half hours. Not bad Human Being!

Thanks everybody, for another Wonderful PORTMANIA Time! Just another year til next time, until then keep Smiling those PORTMANIAN smiles (Four out of Five dentists recommend PORTMANIA), because you’re the future people of tomorrow! and you can do ANYTHING.

Always the real thing. Always PORTMANIA.