Star Wars Goes Digital

By April 8, 2015Nat-news

For a series of films that went on to owe so much to digital, it’s a bit strange that the films have not been made available digitally…until now.

All six films will be available on HD digital platforms starting from April 10th, along with some new bonus features. Read the full press release on, watch the release trailer below, and start clearing up space on your iPhone.

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  • Lee Bartholomew says:

    said this a couple days ago smh 😛 April 10 for Vudu but $90? bit steep sure hope they allow disc to digital as it’s 20 cen fox ie I mean seriously $90?? never paid so much for all 6 films think I’m used to blu ray. but hey if I need Natalie in a sports arena viola and I’m a rare one who thought there was as much chemistry as was needed… simply put He’s a Jedi doing a no no. Naturally the love interest should be skewed.

  • Mandip says:

    I don’t really care about this as i already have all 6 Star Wars films on HD BLU-RAY! As the entire idea of collecting blu-ray is so much more fun than downloading a digital file!

  • Jordy says:

    That’s good to hear that it’s all been digitalized. Since everywhere I go here in Barcelona – and elsewhere too actually – I’m seeing these youngsters sunk into their Smart Phones, it’s probably a very good idea to have done so…
    I’m a very big fan of the Star Wars Saga myself but don’t even own a poster to put up on my Wall, let alone have one of the DVD’s – shame on me – I need to buy them too, soon! I didn’t read the whole press reléase because I’m way to impatient for that stuff, but I know enough probably…