It’s time for another round of mini news items from around the web.

– Starting with my FINALLY posting the news that a study has been conducted on the most beautiful features of male and female faces and no prizes for guessing which female celebrity face was considered the most ideal. That’s science, solving all the hard questions. Check out the full article over here.

– Belerofonte found a mixed review of James Franco’s teaching experiment, The Heyday of Insensitive Bastards, as well as a brief Q&A snippet with Franco after the premiere screening. Definitely worth a listen if you’re curious/confused about the project.

– Finally, this Polish news article has some quotes with Natalie’s Polish cinematographer for A Tale of Love and Darkness. Nothing dramatic but he mentions that Natalie enjoyed some Polish films when she was younger and that finding a good partner to make a film with is harder than finding a good wife.


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  • Lee Bartholomew says:

    I see Star Wars is finally coming to Digital Streaming. I use Vudu so Natalie will be in Full HDX for me. but AIV and I assume Itunes should have all 6 and extras as well