Eating Animals

By August 10, 2014Nat-news

It’s around 3 years since news first broke that Natalie was looking to adapt Jonathan Safran Foer’s novel, Eating Animals, into a documentary. Now we have word via Deadline that the project is definitely moving ahead, with some producing announcements. Christopher Dillon Quinn is still on as director and it’s possible that the film has been in production for awhile and could actually be closer to completion than we think.

Natalie is producing and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see her narrating the film or even on screen. I’m fond of meat but love a good documentary and am curious to see what new ground they cover in a field that’s already been heavily covered in the documentary form.

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  • The book is fascinating. I advise it all. I am very curious to discover the documentary by Natalie.

  • Will she go in Deauville Festival ?

  • Adonis says:

    ‘Jonathan Safran Foer’ points out the problems and the dangers of factory farming. A really big issue when you consider what people eat for a Toxic waste from factory farms and slaughterhouses .I think this documentary could not describe better than Natalie …. she knows exactly why she is vegan.

  • Antienne says:

    PETA. People Eating Tastey Animals

  • Boba says:

    Swam, Natty dread 😉

  • barbara says:

    She knows why she (Natalie Portman) is vegan? We all know it is healthier, so does she. But the main reason is compassion
    for all life. Love for all life. When your heart and mind is healthy, your body will be healthy too. This is the law of life.