Star Wars Tidbits

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There is little news in Natland in recent days, but we have a couple of Star Wars Tidbits related to Natalie ´s character to make the week more bearable…


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Signing Star Wars Autographs

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We learned almost a year ago that Natalie would be signing autographs for SWAU. Well… after her long stay in Australia filming the fourth Thor movie, it seems that she…

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May the 4th be with you

Today is Star Wars Day, and Natalie has celebrated it by sharing an old, beautiful photo of herself and Ahmed Best taken in the Blue Mountains while filming Episode II. Enjoy:


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Natalie to sign autographs for Star Wars fans

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Apparently Natalie will be signing autographs exclusively for Star Wars Autograph Universe webpage. This is truly a rare opportunity to get Natalie's official autograph stamped in Star Wars material. Orders…

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Queen’s Peril

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Padmé Amidala, the character that Natalie played in the Star Wars prequels, never had the impact on the expanded universe than other characters in the saga. This was partly mitigated…

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The Phantom Menace: An Oral History

Many interviews and articles have emerged on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of Episode I, just a few days ago. Of all of them, this collection of interviews and…

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