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Star Wars Tidbits

There is little news in Natland in recent days, but we have a couple of Star Wars Tidbits related to Natalie ´s character to make the week more bearable…

-Writer E.K. Johnston will publish a third book based on the character of Padme next April. It will be titled “Queen’s Hope”, and this third installment will explore the marriage of Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala like never before. Star Wars webpage has an exclusive excerpt of the book.

-Every Star Wars fan collector knows that Padme is probably the character in the Star Wars universe who has had the least merchandise in recent years. While all the other main roles in the movies have a ton of collectibles, Amidala still hasn’t gotten a single Hot Toys figure. This will have a little remedy in this Padme Gentle Giant Statue, which will be on sale soon. It will be limited to 3000 units: