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Thor Tidbits

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Disney celebrated the Investor Day yesterday, and some details about the film were revealed. First of all, it seems that the film delays its release again until May 6, 2022…

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KOC’s Terrence Malick Tributed

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Knight of Cups opened up this year to some interesting reviews. The Natalie Portman film (of which she only appears briefly, ala common Terrence Malick treatment) may end up being like most Malick films that get defended or attacked by the masses for years to come. However, it’s no apparent contest that director Terrence Malick has been a visionary for decades. It’s why he is being given a tribute at the Deauville Film Festival. To quote their reasons for the award:

“We thought it was the right time to honor a cineaste who places humanism at the heart of his artistic concerns,”

“We can say that his art is both harmonious and sacred. The experience he offers through his films carry us to that delicious point of going beyond the ‘self’ to the benefit of being, thus making his filmmaking unique, necessary and primordial. He turns our meanderings into the pathways of life.”


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Mega Tidbits

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  Was the weekend fun or what? I can't even remember the last time we had so much great Natalie news in the space of a week. There is still…

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