Broad Green Strike Universal Deal

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Finally, let us have some good news attached to a Natalie Portman project! Broad Green Pictures, a fresh company started by brothers Gabriel and Daniek Hammond, have struck a deal with Universal Pictures Home Entertainment to release their titles for home distribution. This young company has set a bar to release about sixteen films each year; this includes theatrical releases and video on demand. Either way, Universal has granted Broad Green the luxury of having their home distribution handled instead of Broad Green having to expand and take on that challenge themselves.

There are many films to be included with this new deal, and one is the polarizing Terrence Malick film (then again, aren’t they all?) Knight of Cups. The movie stars Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett and Natalie Portman. It got a mixed reaction at its debut in Berlin, but it sounds like we will be able to make our own deductions very soon with this great news.

More info and attached films can be found here. Thanks to Belerofonte as per usual!