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Tidbits keeping this show (barely) on the road!

– The Playlist published a retrospective of Wong Kar-Wai’s films, which of course includes the much maligned My Blueberry Nights. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing this film again as I have a rather vague memory of it at this point. The Playlist were fairly kind, although they did not enjoy what Natalie brought to her role.

But the miscast Natalie Portman never convinces as a sassy, free-spirited (and crucial third-act) gambler in Nevada who helps Elizabeth find her way spiritually.

– Novelist Brice Wagner on acting in a party scene for Malick’s Knight of Cups at the 1:13:00 mark on the Bret Easton Ellis podcast. A really fun listen that is worth checking out.

– Finally, Belerofonte found this amazing poster by Nan Lawson for a Wes Anderson inspired art exhibition. Freakin’ love it.



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  • Nannina says:

    You know, I really love My Blueberry Nights, and I think it’s one of Natalie’s best performances, but I know I’m in the minority. Sure it’s Wong Kar Wai lite, but that’s better than no Wong Kar Wai at all.

  • jesslv74 says:

    I liked the movie and her performance in it as well.

  • Jul says:

    I can only agree with Nannina. Natalie’s performance in My Blueberry Nights was fine.