Natalie to star in Chris Nolan’s Inception?

The rumoured projects are coming thick and fast and while this one is definitely in the “pinch of salt” department of rumours, its definitely one that we should hope and pray is true. Chris Nolan is the talented writer and director who, as far as I’m concerned, hasn’t put a foot wrong yet. I haven’t seen his first two films but Memento is genius, Insomania is great, The Prestige is wonderful and his Batman films are a bit of a revelation.

Before he works on Batman 3, he’ll be directing and writing a sci-fi film called Inception and according to this site, Natalie might be involved.

Natalie Portman has been persistently and consistently rumored to be a contender for the role of Catwoman in the sequel to The Dark Knight, but she may actually be appearing in director Christopher Nolan’s non-Batman, science fiction-y follow-up Inception. That’s what I heard last night, anyway.

Not much is known about Inception, aside from the fact that Nolan wrote it, and it’ll shoot this year for a 2010 release.

I’ll see if I can find out more.