And now we have a new FINCA button

By March 3, 2009Site-news

Congratulations are once again in order for Pumpkin whose FINCA button joins her Forum button up on the site. She truly is the Queen of…buttons.

Which FINCA button is your favourite?

Pumpkin 41.67% (90 votes)

Kate 33.8% (73 votes)

Stick with the current button 18.06% (39 votes)

Joni 1 4.17% (9 votes)

Joni 2 1.85% (4 votes)


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  • plop says:

    Well, I think it was a “must be”, since is the only that really related to the subject.

    By the way, I am one who has no problem with as much Nat in the main page as possible. Not only because of the aesthetic reason, but since it is a site dedicated to her, that makes a lot of sense to me.