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By March 7, 2009Nat-news

Rotten Tomatoes have put together a list of graphic novel to film adaptations, in honour of Watchmen’s release this weekend, and V for Vendetta can be find half way through the list. The list starts with the awful League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and ends with the wonderful Persopolis, so V’s placements is respectable.


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  • omgzrachel says:

    I can’t believe Wanted was so highly rated. That movie was terrible! I still think V for Vendetta is really overrated, but I suppose it would be really appealing if you never read the source material. And ia with you about Persopolis.

  • spoonbat says:

    Agreed. I thought Wanted was overrated.

    Everybody’s just crazy about Angelina these days.

    League of Ex. Gents was ok and entertaining but rather stupid in terms of storyline.

  • Dazza says:

    Wanted’s fresh rating is amongst the most baffling I’ve ever seen. I have my suspicions that a lot of reviewers realize they missed the boat on The Matrix and Wanted was similar enough to make a lot of them hedge their bets.

    It’s important to note the average rating though, as its a much better indicator than the whole fresh/rotten thing.