Some more opinions on Eve

When I originally posted about Eve playing at Flickerfest in Bondi, I thought that it was a one time thing. Little did I know that the festival is actually traveling all across Australia. Whoops.

Fanatical found a blog post from someone that saw it at Flickerfest and was quite taken by the film.

So funniest thing happens last night…I went and saw Flickerfest @ Camelot Outdoor (oh super lovely free drinks and pizza yum!) and I am watching this film called ‘Eve’ which is about this grandaughter who is dragged along on her grandma’s date! It stars that girl from the Wackness and Juno- Olivia Thirbly and Lauren Bacall (who is so still very beautiful) and the cute and v. charming Ben Gazzara. After it finished I am thinking to myself ‘Awww that was my favourite!” and then guess who directed it?! Natalie Portman-no wonder I haven’t seen her in anything recent lately she is making cute super cool films! I guess thats also why she had such great actors and had the very talented Sufjan Stevens do the soundtrack they are probably all friends but regardless I think she tells a lovely story! Tops!!!!…”

However, we also have a more mixed report from Joe Schmo.

The best shorts from Flickerfest are doing the rounds in Oz and “Eve” was one of the shorts on show tonight. As I don’t see a review from any members yet (shame on YOU all!) I thought I’d add my two cents.

Bacall is great. The last shot is beautiful in its openness.

There is some delicious dark humour in a few lines from the grand daughter. I’d agree it wouldn’t look out of place in a Woody Allen film. I think this screenplay and Natalie’s line at the Oscars shows there is a great deal of wit in her comical style.

Having said that, I must say the audience didn’t seem that impressed with it. There was someone snoring during the daughter at the mirror scene (Which I must admit, did go for quite some time and not seem relevant to me – maybe it was to signify the grandmother/daughter link to getting dolled up before going out – maybe its a chick thing). The credits seemed to go for longer than the film and there was laughter when they cut them short.

Overall, potential for greatness but I wouldn’t believe the gushing reviews written so far.