The next big thing

Ropesofsilicon have put together a list of “young” actresses that they think might become the next big leading lady of Hollywood, like Julia Roberts was in the 90’s. Natalie is mentioned but they remain skeptical. Why? Well, her height of course…

Portman stands at only 5′ 3″ and unless she is starring opposite Tom Cruise she is going to be dwarfed. By comparison Julia Roberts is 5′ 9″ and much easier to frame alongside someone such as Clive Owen who stands at 6′ 2½” . Just look at her next to the six-foot Jude Law in Closer and how Mike Nichols has to shoot this angle of her with Clive Owen. I love Portman’s performances, but as far as being a leading lady I’m not so sure.

Do you think they’re on to something? Or is height a non factor?