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By March 10, 2009Site-news

If you glance next to the latest news section you should see Natalie related products enticingly shuffling across that ad space. This has been added for two very obvious reasons.

1 – To give you guys product links that you might actually be interested in (as we’ve seen by the rating films polls, for example, plenty of Natalie’s best films have still not been seen by a large portion of visitors to the site).

2 – A new revenue stream for the site. Next week we’ll probably have to be moving to a new and cheaper server (although we expect and hope you guys won’t even notice the difference) as the cash crunch is most definitely in full effect. Donations were helpful for awhile but with the economic situation as it is (and the lack of np.comics) they’ve completely dried up.

So now, if you want to support the site and help us keep doing what we’re doing, all you need to do is click through to amazon using that advert and make a purchase. In doing so we will receive a referral fee at NO extra cost to you. The really important thing to note is that the referral will work for all amazon products, not just those Natalie products in the rotation.

So, please, if you or someone you know is planning to make an amazon purchase, just use that ad space as the front door to amazon. Video On Demand, Game Downloads, MP3’s and Kindle will all count towards the referral.

Obviously, this is just a link to Amazon US at the moment. We’re planning to also set up one for Amazon UK, as that’s the store that European visitors would be more inclined to use.

In the rotation itself are close to 50 Natalie related products. Obviously all her films are there as well as books like A Tale of Love and Darkness (set to be her feature directorial debut) and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (which we’re all curious about). I’ve even added some movie posters and Natalie prints. If you think that something is missing, just let me know and I’ll add it.

I think that about covers it. If there are any questions or queries, drop a comment or send me an email.



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  • Carlotto says:

    I would have done what you ask, but unfortunately I use :/

  • Dazza says:

    Yeah, I know. There’s Amazons for USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany and Japan. Unfortunately you have to sign up to separate accounts and I’m not so sure it’d be worth doing for a small country like France. Even if we wanted to, we then have to try and set it so the USA one loads for certain regions while the French one loads for France etc.

    It’s a bit tricky. So for now it’ll just be USA and if that works out well then we’ll try UK as well.

  • sak says:

    Cool! At the very least the ad space at the top of the page is not just an other random, stupid most of the times, ad. It’s Nat all the way. Just perfect. I hope its worth the effort financially in the long run.

  • starprincess66 says:

    i looove the new ad! great job!

  • Miller says:

    Great idea. Too bad there isn’t Amazon here in Brazil. Not that Amazon anyway. I just didn’t fancy the white background. I’ll get used to it, I guess.

  • Dazza says:

    There’s a transparent setting that I want to try out to see how that looks.

  • omgzrachel says:

    That’s a big improvement! The previous ads in that spot were really distracting.

  • ked says:

    “Prescient and electrifying,” says the ked comment.

  • rkamidees says:

    Natalie should chip in a few bucks… like… at..least…….. $5.00 Euros

  • jesslv74 says:

    Does it also count for MP3 downloads?

  • Dazza says:

    Jess – yup, Amazon MP3 and Video on Demand counts.