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By March 23, 2009Nat-news

Rashida Jones was once again asked about those Funny Or Die clips that she did with Natalie. Not really anything new but its a quiet news day so…

Capone: We were talking about some of your short film work earlier, and I love the two FunnyOrDie shorts you made with Natalie Portman.

RJ: [laughs] I didn’t have a job this summer. We wanted to do something together that was related to the election, but we kept seeing these really cheesy, earnest videos of actors in black-and-white being “You have the right to choose, and I’m famous and I’m telling you I’m awesome and you should vote.” So we wanted to do something that was that but not that. So we decided we would just play with baby animals! How wrong could you go with that? It’s kind of unfair because that was kind of our way to convince you that what we had to say was right and best, and it’s unfair because they’re so cute, those puppies.

Capone: I’m partial to the kitties myself.

RJ: Are you? I highly allergic to cats, so when we were filming kitties, they literally had to make stuff happen between my sneezing.


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