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By March 29, 2009Nat-news

Natalie’s poor pooch’s performance anxiety is put on display again. I’ve updated the gallery with 24 new/old hi-res, untagged candids of Nat on poop patrol, courtesy of


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  • plop says:

    Comment A: That dog must be suffering of diarrhea.

    Comment B: Who is the girl walking with Natalie? Looks practically as well as Natalie!

  • balletgal says:

    It looks like that actress from Juno, who also starred in Natalie’s short film, Eve. Am I right?

  • markor says:

    balletgal, yep. That’s Olivia Thirlby. She plays Kate on Eve. She is an amazing actress. She is also in the coming New York, I Love You, but I dont know what she plays there. Didn’t know they were friends. 🙂

  • Garcy says:

    *IS* that really Olivia Thirlby? There is a resemblance…