Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: now out

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies has finally hit the book shelves. In case you’re wondering what this has to do with Natalie, we confirmed that she is interested in doing a film adaptation, although discussions were in the VERY early stages.

Now that the book has come out we’re able to finally find out more about the plot details and whether the book is good or a total throwaway gag.

Let’s start with an article from The Daily Beast, which does a good job explaining the history and appeal of this re-imagining.

That all sounds quite interesting but how are the reviews so far?

Topless Robot thinks the book is fantastic:

But Grahame-Smith really altered the original just enough to still leave Pride and Prejudice intact, and that’s why I say it’s brilliant. Think about it: The crazy Chinese martial artist sense of honor meshes perfectly with the Victorian sense of propriety. Elizabeth’s headstrong nature is perfectly represented by her unladylike killing skills and thirst for combat. Incredibly, P&P&Z has the same themes, the same message, and teaches the same lessons as the original literary classic, and that is also why it’s brilliant.

Lisa Schwarzbaum of EW gives the book an A-

But the greater achievement 
of the book may lie in the satisfying desire it awakens to read the remix and the original side by side.

Haven’t found too many other decent reviews yet, but I’ll maybe do another update once a few more have hit the net.

If you’re keen on checking out the book for yourself, and supporting the site in the process, you can order it below. Alternatively, just use the link to go buy something else entirely 🙂