Give me that barrel. *scrape scrape scrape*

This guy reckons Paris Hilton is great to fans but thinks Natalie is among those celebs that keep their distance.

This article about the psychology of the NFL draft ends up comparing Natalie to Gisele Bundchen.

The analogy could easily translate into dating. Gisele Bundchen is considered one of the most attractive women in the world and almost everyone agrees on that. Now what about Natalie Portman the actress? If you were “forced” to make a decision in the dating draft, who would you choose: the tall, sexy model or the petite, Harvard-educated actress? On paper, Bundchen would seem to be the unanimous winner, but not the guaranteed selection. I myself and many others prefer the educated Portman. Portman has that sweet, adorable thing going for her. Bundchen is absolutely stunning, but I doubt I would have much in common with her.