Brief Brothers interview

Guess we’ll take what we can with this film. Today we have a an excerpt from an interview with the director, Jim Sheridan. Not exactly in depth but it’ll have to do.

SS: And tell me about your next film Brothers, which you’ve competed already. It’s based on a Susanne Bier film is that right?

JS: Yeah, Susanne Bier. It’s hard when someone has made an original movie as great as Susanne Bier…

SS: She was one of the dogme directors wasn’t she?

JS: She was one of the later dogme directors, she wasn’t one of the originals. But definitely a dogme director, like you know, handheld and edgy. But I thought it was a movie that should be seen by a bigger audience so we put a few stars in it and hopefully we’ll get a few people to see it…

SS: What is it about?

JS: It’s about the affect of the Afghan war on an American family. It’s got Tobey Maguire, Jake Gyllenhaal, Natalie Portman, and a man who’s in Ireland at the minute, Sam Shepard, who’s amazing in the movie, great actor, and great fun to work with. They were all fun to work with; they were all easy to work with.