Important Artifacts sooner than expected

Despite the announcement of Natalie and Brad Pitt’s Important Artifacts project, I think most of us assumed it’d still be awhile till cameras started rolling. Largely because of Brad Pitt’s busy schedule and also because no writer or director was mentioned in the announcement.

However, in this new interview with Italian MenStyle, Brad seems to be saying that Important Artifacts is next in line for him.

What film lies ahead for you?

I will act alongside Natalie Portman in a romantic comedy. I am a freelance photographer who lives his life among so many celebrities, while Portman is a journalist from the New York Times looking for gossip. The film is inspired by a novel by Leanne Shapton, which tells the love story over the past four years, through the exhibition, by way of auction, the personal items of the two.

With NY, I Love You, 17 Photos of Isabel and Brothers (more on this later) probably all being released this year, Important Artifacts might be Natalie’s first 2010 release.