Tuesday Tidbits

Here cometh the next batch of tinny morsels.

– Another article on healthy BabyCakes and Natalie being a fan.

This Slant article about the lyrics of The Decemberists’ new album, Hazards of Love (boy, is it disappointing) includes the suggestion for Natalie to star in the music video of one of the tracks.

– In this article about great music in films, THAT scene from Garden State gets a mention.

Indeed, a single song often will do the trick. Perhaps nowhere is this more explicit than in “Garden State,” which Zach Braff wrote, directed and stars in. He comes upon Natalie Portman wearing headphones in a doctor’s office. He asks what she’s listening to, so she offers them to Braff and says, “You’ve got to hear this one song, it’ll change your life, I swear.” Sure enough, he hears “New Slang,” by the Shins, the band’s ode to disaffection, and the mood of the film and, especially, the makeup of Portman’s character is instantly heightened, clarified, explained. It’s a great, and useful, moment.