A little reminder that Natalie will be appearing at the Apple Store in Soho on April 24th, to talk about her web project, MakingOf.

Now Fanatical has found a couple more appearances for the following week.

Later this month, former President Bill Clinton is throwing a fete aimed at (relatively) young Hollywood — it’s being held at the Roosevelt Hotel — to raise money for the Clinton Foundation.

The first ever “Millennium Network Los Angeles Reception” on April 30 will feature and features a list of honorary ambassadors including Natalie Portman, Mike Myers, Amy Poehler, Sarah Silverman and Kerry Washington. The idea is to engage those 45 and younger around the foundation’s initiatives, like HIV/AIDS and global warming. Tickets start at $150.

The next night, Clinton hosts a dinner for the foundation at the home of Rica and Jon Orszag (brother of Obama budget director Peter Orszag), Tickets start at $5,000, and dinner guests will receive a personalized Peter Max commemorative print and a signed copy of Clinton’s book “Giving.”

So that looks like confirmed for April 30th and a maybe for the following night.