Jeff Wells gets to the bottom of MakingOf

Okay, not quite. That’s what I would have hoped to type, since Jeff (of Hollywood Elsewhere) saw her at a Mike Nicholls discussion on Saturday night and again this morning at Gemma, where he went up to her to ask about MakingOf. The result was kinda pointless but a bit funny all the same.

I was there talking with the Anvil! guys at a big table, but since I’d written earlier this morning about her forthcoming appearance at the Soho Apple store on Friday, 4.24, I felt it couldn’t hurt to double-check.

So I went over, introduced myself — she initially gave me an “oh, shit…what’s this?” look. I showed her what I’d written (she and Christine Aylward co-hosting a discussion of a new web project called “Making Of”) and asked if I had it totally correct. She said yes, and I said “cool,” “thanks” and went back to the Anvil! table.

To be fair, the best I could manage in a similar situation would be to take her fork and jam it into my hand. When she asks what the hell I’m doing I would say, “Trying to ensure you don’t forget me.”