Lohan and Nat = BFF?

A got a bunch of emails about this, but yesterday I thought it was best to just focus on Natalie and MakingOf. So now we can finally get into it. What is it? Well, Lindsay Lohan (former actress, current tabloid queen) was on Ellen and while talking about her problems (more specifically, how her problems aren’t her fault and are behind her anyway) she name dropped Natalie as a friend who has always been there for her.

Now, this isn’t the first time she’s mentioned Nat. The following was from an Elle Magazine interview.

ELLE: Are Mischa Barton and Nicole Richie your good friends?
LL: Mischa’s not..I mean, I’m friends with her, and Nicole’s a friend too, but I really hang out with other people. Natalie Portman is a friend of mine. We’re producing a new film together.

The thing is, even though Lohan is photographed everywhere she goes, we’ve never seen a pic of these two buddies together. Is it possible that Natalie has offered some advice, absolutely. But I would be very surprised if their friendship is as real as Lohan makes out. She’s clearly trying to resurrect her career and that means a lot of spin. Natalie has a really good reputation in the industry, so its no surprise that Lohan tries to latch on while distancing herself from the other party girls like Paris and Richie.

Maybe I’m being overly cynical and skeptical, but I’m not alone. Here’s an excerpt from Lainey’s take on the matter.

If they really were friends, Lindsay Lohan and Natalie Portman, they likely won’t be for long after Lilo namedropped Natalie Portman today as her new bestie on Ellen. Random, right?

She was talking about her really great friends. All of a sudden she announced Natalie has been “there for me through everything” as if by association, because of Natalie Portman, people will want to hire her for movies again.

Oh did you hear?

Lilo claims that she’s working on a movie in October. And that there are a few shows she’s “producing”.

Nothing has been announced, nothing has even been RUMOURED, but all of a sudden she’s been “working really hard”.

At what?

Cutting lines?

*cue pictures of Lohan and Natalie this weekend, followed by an announcement of their new buddy cop film to film later this year*

UPDATE – Fanatical found an old quote from Natalie that suggests there’s at least some truth to it.

But even the most obnoxious antics of the Nicole Riche, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan set won’t illicit any snottiness from this young woman. To start with, she barely knows who Paris and Nichole are. As for Lindsay, she thinks she’s a sweet girl and has a Long Island bond with her, starting with Lohan’s signed head shot from The Parent Trap hanging at the local bagel shop. “You can’t judge anyone else,” says Portman. “Every moment in my life I’ve always known my parents would go to the end of the earth for me. And when you have that kind of rock, you can’t judge anyone who doesn’t, and most people don’t”.