MakingOf announced and live

Natalie’s web project has finally been unveiled at the Tribeca Film Festival.

“When friends visit me on film sets, I am always reminded how intriguing and lucky it is to experience filming up close,” said Co-founder Natalie Portman. “At MakingOf our goal is to bring that up-close experience to everyone, including the ever-increasing number of self-taught filmmakers, who find audiences for their films using new opportunities for video-sharing online.”

“Consumers are fascinated with celebrities and the entertainment industry, yet so much of what happens in the creation process is a mystery to the people who love and consume it the most,” said Co-founder and CEO Christine Aylward. “MakingOf is a centralize hub that aims to change that by acting as a virtual film school, taking users behind the scenes, showing them how movies are created, and giving them an all-access pass to learn from actors, directors, producers, and writers.”

For more info on how it all works, I suggest you head over here for the full press release.