The MakingOf skeptics

So far we’ve had articles that look at MakingOf in a very positive light, but in this update we hear from a couple bloggers who are less sure of its success. Be sure to click the links for the full articles.

First up is Mashable:

Problem is, there’s barely any content. Most of the sections under the “insiders” tab are without a single interview or blog post, while others only have one or two interviews.

Its final section, “community”, is, for now, almost bare, and that is a real shame. There are people certainly interested in film, but there is no message board, social network, or other features to connect with other movie lovers. However, it’s important to note that the site is still beta, and we expect more community features to come on soon.

And then we have The Inquisitor, with similar concerns:

It’s a reasonable enough idea on paper, but the implementation is more than lacking. The problem isn’t design (although the site has bugs, and doesn’t use imagery enough), but simply content, or more specifically a huge lack of content. The only way to scale a site like this is to offer enough seed content to get it started. Instead, the cupboard at Making Of is bare, with a few interviews, but mostly movie trailers that can be found on many other sites. Users can sign up to be a part of the “community,” but exactly who this is opened to, and what they get just isn’t explained, other than a profile page. Notably the little content on the site doesn’t offer any interaction (such as commenting), so where as you can join the community, the idea of community is limited.

I think those are fair enough concerns but Natalie and Christine have mentioned that more content and the community components are still coming. Right now MakingOf is merely a taste of what’s to come.

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